Opening an account of Firstrade, a U.S.[completed in 15 min]

We have opened an account with the American securities company "Firstrade" that allows free trading and account maintenance regardless of where you live.

Malaysia “Sky Mirror” is Asian Uyuni salt lake

Uyuni salt lake, a scenic spot that everyone wants to visit before they die. Actually, you can experience that virtual experience in Malaysia "Sky Mirror"

3 Visas Recommended for Family Migration Overseas

There are various things you need to move abroad, but the most important of these is your "visa." Here are three visa recommendations for family relocation.

The biggest disadvantage of MM2H | Time deposit

In conclusion, the biggest disadvantage is the time deposit, which cannot be canceled until you finish using your MM2H visa.

What is Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)? Best retirement visa

I will hear the word "MM2H" somewhere and tell the curious you who searched for it immediately to discover its charm.