Cost of Long Stay in Malaysia. Airbnb Monthly discount

Airbnb's "Long Stay Discount" can save you more than 50% on accommodation costs and may even help you stay longer in Malaysia!

The cheapest way for transfer international| With Birth story

I use TransferWise for overseas remittances, but in fact, the remittance fee is higher than that of other companies! But I would like to deepen the secret of the most exciting TransferWise.

Comparison of 4 Gold ETFs [GLD/IAU/GLDM/SGOL]

The gold reserves will be depleted in the next 10 years. I will focus on the 4 most popular ETFs out of 18 US gold ETFs and compare them.

Post-Departure 3 Travel Insurance [SafetyWing/World Nomads]

In this article, I would like to introduce three types of insurance that can be purchased after the departure of a short-to-mid-term overseas trip.