3 Visas Recommended for Family Migration Overseas

3 Visas Recommended for Family Migration OverseasEmigration

Hello.This is Papazon of the Nomad family.(@nomadkazoku)

Currently, our family is working to obtain an MM2H visa with the aim of moving to Malaysia.

There are many things you need to move abroad, but one of the most important things is visa.However, Japanese passports are the strongest in the world, and at the tourist level, you can go to most countries without a visa, so you don’t have much knowledge about visas.

As I tried to learn about the basics of visas again as I wanted to become a family nomad, I would like to share the results with you.

Emigration abroad with the family!? 3 visa selections recommended for beginners

In my case, I can speak a little Chinese, so I decided to use the MM2H visa in Malaysia, which has a lot of Chinese.

What is Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)? Best retirement visa
I will hear the word "MM2H" somewhere and tell the curious you who searched for it immediately to discover its charm.

However, since I have to examine the visa a little more properly, after examining the visas around the world, what is the recommended visa for “family” overseas migration?The conclusion is the following three visas.

  1. MM2H (Malaysia)
  2. SRV, Philippines
  3. Thailand Elite (Thailand)

I wanted to put out a variation, but after all it became all Asian ^^; The outline of ea
ch visa is summarized in the table, so please check it together.

Category, age limit, number of years allowed

Visa nameVisa
Age limitNumber of years allowed
MM2HRetirementWithout10 years*1
RetirementOver 35Indefinite*2
Thailand Eli
te (Family Excursions)
Medium- to long-term tourismWithoutFive years

※1 Update possible
※2 Renewal procedure is required every year on site

Visa acquisition cost

Visa nameApplication
agency fee
Application feeAnnual membership fee
MM2HMarket p
rice 200,000 yen
(about 13,500 yen)
RM90/person (2,430 yen)
*Lump sum payment for passport remaining period
Market p
rice 500,000 yen
$1,400 (154,000 yen)$360 (39,600 yen)
Thailand Eli
te (Family Excursions)
Without800,000 baht (approx
imately 2.88 million yen)
*For 2 persons

※1RM = 27 yen, 1 baht = 3.6 yen, 1 dollar = 110 yen

Visa Requirements

Visa nameAssetsUnworkable incomeDepositOther
MM2HRM500,000 (approx. 13.5 million yen)RM10,000 (
approx. 270,000 yen)
RM300,000 (ap
prox. 8.1 million yen)
Enrollment in non-c
rime proof, medical
certificate, medical insurance
$50,000 (
5.5 million yen)
Proof of crime and
medical certificate
te (Family Excursions)
There is no history o
f imprisonment, has not received a bankruptcy declaration, is not an adult ward etc …

※1RM = 27 yen, 1 baht = 3.6 yen, 1 dollar = 110 yen


Visa nameRemarksObligation to stay
MM2HSpouses, children under the age of 21 and parents over the age of 60 can also apply together.Without
Spouses and up to 2 children under the age of 21 are allowed.After the third person, $150,000 is required.Non
Thailand Eli
te (Family Excursions)
300,000 baht per person (approximately 1.08 million yen) when adding a third and subsequent family membersWithout

*It is necessary to secure an address (residence) in the Philippines.

Recommended for family-friendly overseas migration visas

There are five reasons recommended for family overseas migration visas.

  • (1) To be able to stay for a medium- to long-term stay
  • (2) Relatively low acquisition difficulty
  • (3) It is easy to be allowed to be accompanied by a spouse or family member.
  • (4) Application conditions tend to be stricter
  • (5) There is a bug ^^;

I will explain one by one.

What can be extended for medium- and long-

All recommended visas have been approved for more than five years.

If you are moving with your family, we think that it is good to secure a period of stay of more than three years for educational purposes.

Relatively low acquisition difficulty

All recommended visas are financial terms.

Since there is no need to examine language skills and work skills, it is easy to achieve acquisition conditions just by concentrating on saving money.

It is easy to be permitted to be accompanied by a spouse or family member.

All recommended visas are allowed with family members.

Visa application
actual cost of mm2H companion family is required.
Example) If the passport remaining period
is 5 years, there is no additional charge for RM500+RM90 x 5=RM950

ly 25,650 yen), SRRV spouse and 2 children.
After the third child, an additional fee of USD 15,000 + an annual fee of USD

100, and one Thailand Elit
e has no additional charge.300,000 baht per person after the third person (approximately 1080,000 yen)

The application conditions tend to be stricter

All of the recommended visas are from emerging countries, and at present, we are actively promoting the migration of foreign nationals with the aim of acquiring foreign currency.

Therefore, it is expected that if economic development is achieved, the purpose will weaken and the acquisition conditions will become severe.

If you need it later, it’s safe to keep it early.

There is a bug ^^;

(4) Although it overlaps almost, because it is an emerging country, the condition of the examination is loose at present.

For example、、、, MM2HR

M 10,000 income
certificate → OK if the in
come of the past three months has been achieved at the time of application!
 I don’t know if I have any income or not after I emigrate^^; Ma
ybe it’s because it’s designed on the premise of pensions.

Even thoug
h it is an SRRV retirement visa, it is possi
ble to apply at least 35 years old.

The basics of the “visa” necessities of migration

What is a visa in the first place?Because I was anxious, I examined it again.

A visa is a “pre-examination certificate for entry” given by the government of each country, also known as a “visa” in Japanese.

In other words, it isa “visa” with a pre-examination certificate.

In other words, the “visa” exemption seems to be that “pre-examination” is exempted.

Japanese don’t need visa!?

With Henry & Partners’ passport index, which surveyed the usability of passports in 199 countries and regions around the world, Japan is ranked first.

If you are staying for a short period of time for sightseeing purposes, you can travel to 190 countries without a visa.
As a result, Japanese people are rarely aware of visas when they travel abroad.

The length of stay varies from country to country, but some countries are short, 14 days, and up to 180 days (UK, Australia, Mexico).

On the other hand, countries that require a visa to remember

Typically, you need a visa to travel to Russia.
*Currently, there are also moves to

exempt the United States and Africa, and the United States and the bad Cuba in China are also required to submit tourist cards to Japan.

Brazil used to be necessary, but since June 2019 it has been exempted.

Visa waivers are often established by mutual visa waivers by mutual visa waivers, so it seems difficult to establish visas with countries that are poorer than countries that are not on good terms or poorer than their own countries.

In any case, if you are traveling abroad, such as tours are generally sold, you may think that you do not need a visa almost.

【Official】Visa Waiver Countries/Regions (Short-Term Stay) https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/toko/visa/tanki/novisa.html

Types of visas required for migration

The type of visa varies depending on the purpose of stay, and the main categories are “tourist visa”, “student visa”, and “work visa”.

In addition, the types of visas are becoming more fragmented, and the number of visas that are fairly limited to the purpose of stay, such as “working holiday”, “retirement visa”, and “investor visa”, is increasing.

Although it is not a visa, I tried to summarize a rough outline including permanent residence.

CategoryApplicationsPeriodAcquisition difficultyMain conditions
Tourist VisaLonger tourist stayShort to medium-termPresentation of status and place of stay, etc.
Student VisaStay for schoolShort to medium-term★★Admission permit of the school to which you are studying abroad, etc.
Work visaStay for workShort to medium-term★★★Employment permit, certain language skills, special skills, etc.
Working HolidaySchool attendance and employment for young peopleShort-term★★Age (18-30 years old), up to one year in one country
Retirement Visaspend one’s leisure time after retirementMedium to long term★★Economic power to the extent that it is not troubled with local life
Investor VisaInspection of investment purposesShort-term★★★enormous financial power
Permanent residenceStay almost without restrictionLong-term★★★★Achievements of local life, benefiting the country of stay, etc.


I tried to summarize the visa recommended for my family’s overseas migration.

In addition to the contents of visas, the three countries mentioned above also take into account national perspectives such as close to Japan, low prices, good climate, and English (Thailand is NG).

If you are considering moving abroad, why not visit these three countries first and visit the site?

Cheap Flights Air Tri

We will explain in more detail about the “MM2H” visa that we are aiming to acquire, so if you are interested, please match it!

What is Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)? Best retirement visa
I will hear the word "MM2H" somewhere and tell the curious you who searched for it immediately to discover its charm.