Living expenses in Malaysia | Estimated migration costs

Living expenses in Malaysia | Estimated migration costsEmigration

Hello.This is Papazon of the Nomad family.(@nomadkazoku)

Currently, our family is working to obtain an MM2H visa with the aim of moving to Malaysia.
※ The procedure has been stagnant for about two months due to the influence of corona, but I am still willing to go.

The reason why I made it to Malaysia is “Cospa looks good!”It is interesting to say tha
t performance is something、、、☺ but for the time being,

I would like to focus on the “cost” part of Malaysia migration in this article and specifically estimate how much it will cost to move abroad.

As a prerequisite, the specifications of our family are as follows.
Father (40 years old, self-employed), mother (secret, company employee), sister (small 4), sister (small 1)

Living expenses in Malaysia | Estimated migration costs

In the three parts of the preparation cost, the initial cost, and the living expenses, a family of four prepares an estimate of the actual cost when moving abroad to Malaysia, so that the necessary costs can be visualized as realistically as possible.

First of all, it is an announcement of the total amount of the estimate.

Preparation costs |¥1,513,3
60 Initial cost |¥1,195,500
living expenses |¥4,496,400

About 2.7 million yen for preparation and initial cost, and estimated the cost of living by about 4.5 million yen.

*In addition to the above initial costs, it is necessary to make a time deposit (over 50 years old: about 3.75 million yen, under 50 years old: about 7.5 million yen) in Malaysia to obtain an MM2H visa.

Learn more about each item.

Malaysia Immigration Preparatory Expenses

The estimate details of the preparation cost are shown in the following table.

Cost of obtaining a passport (over 20 years old)218,000¥36,000Valid for 10 years
Cost of obtaining a passport (12 years and older)0¥13,000¥0Valid for 5 years
Cost of obtaining a passport (under 12 years old)28,000¥16,000Valid for 5 years
The cost of the guardian’s office of the place of migration3¥400,000¥1,200,000Family 4 people x 4 nights or more in the field
Visa application – Document preparation cost (set)1¥10,360¥10,360Copy of family register, proof photo, passport copy of de
posit and withdrawal statement, postal expenses
Visa Application – Proxy Costs1¥219,000¥219,000Family 4
Learning English12¥ 7000¥84,000Online English Conversation

Eighty percent of the preparatory expenses are 1.2 million yen for the “undersight expenses of the place of migration.”.
If you think about living in that country, it may not be enough three times.

The second biggest cost is “the cost of acting on behalf of a visa application.”
You can apply for a Malaysian visa by yourself, but considering the time and co
st of the visa, it is better to ask an agent.

Malaysia Migration Initial Cost

The estimate details of the initial cost are shown in the following table.

Disposal of unnecessary items (Japan)1¥50,000¥50,000
Cancellation Penalty (Japan)1¥9,500¥9,500Optical line (2-year tie)
Luggage transportation costs1¥100,000¥100,000Kuroneko Yamato Overseas Moving Single Plan (Regular Course: 7 large boxes + 7 small boxes)
Plane fare1¥120,000¥120,000Family 4 x One Way
Rental referral fee1¥100,000¥100,000one month’s rent
Deposit3¥100,000¥300,000three months’ rent
Purchase cost of daily necessities (set)1¥300,000¥300,000
Elementary school entrance fee2¥108,000¥216,000

It is divided into the cost of the main japan, the cost of the movement, and the cost in Malaysia.

Since the rental in Malaysia is basically furnished, if you reduce your luggage to a minimum, it is likely that you will be able to reduce the moving cost to about 100,000 yen.

Let’s keep the disposal of unnecessary goods in Japan as much as possible by making full use of Mercari and Gimoti.

For a new life in Malaysia, it is likely to cost about four months of rent due to referral fees and deposits for renting a room.

If you have children, the entrance fee will also cost about 100,000 to 200,000 yen per person.

Malaysia Migration Living Expenses

The estimated cost of living is shown in the table below.

Japanese School24¥54,810¥1,315,440Tuition, equipment, bus, school lunch
Communication costs12¥ 7000¥84,000
Transportation expenses12¥5,000¥60,000
Medical insurance12¥ 15000¥180,000Family 4
National Pension2416,540¥396,960
Airplane fare (reserve)12¥20,000¥240,000Return to Japan once a year

Even if I look at it again, it is a considerably cutlet living expenses ^^;

Because it is only the cost of the foundation in the foundation, it seems to cost about plus 100,000 yen.

The biggest is the tuition fee, and in the case of my family, my English ability is 0, so I’m going to send them to a Japanese school at the moment, but they still need about 1.3 million yen for school-related expenses.

If you want to enter an international school, it will swell 2-5 times😨 next rent, but there seems to be many cheap rooms in Malaysia, but considering the safety, more than 80,000 to 100,000 yen is safe.

However, since the property seems to be over-supply, the saving range seems to be large.

In addition, the basic price is a little cheaper than Japan.

Medical insurance is still under investigation, but now we are considering whether we can use a medical insurance that specializes in digital nomad called “SafetyWing“.

It’s not a living expense, but I want to go back to Japan at least once a year, so I think I’ll have to reserve the plane fare every month.


I’ve been trying to figure out the cost of moving abroad in detail.

I can’t see the future in Corona, but I’m sure I’ll go to Malaysia by the end of the year.

The estimate of this article also, so I would like to update the actual cost that was spent so that you can improve the accuracy, if you are thinking of moving abroad, I would appreciate this if you come to peep from time to time.

In addition, if you are placed in seniors, thank you for your guidance and encouragement.