Malaysia “Sky Mirror” is Asian Uyuni salt lake

Malaysia “Sky Mirror” is Asian Uyuni salt lakeMalaysia

Hello.This is Papazon of the Nomad family.(@nomadkazoku)

By the way, do you know the scenic spot “Uyuni Salt Lake” that everyone wants to go to once before they die?

It is a superb view that attracts travelers all over the world, but in order to visit from Japan, the cost is more than 500,000 yen, and it is a trip with a high hurdle in the middle with eight days round trip.

In this way, I had given up saying, “I can’t do it because of the meteorite…”, but I found out that there was a similar place in Malaysia, so I went there right away.

Malaysia “Sky Mirror” is like Asian version of Uyuni salt lake

【お出かけ】マレーシアのスカイミラーツアーがアジア版ウユニ塩湖過ぎる!家族旅行におすすめ!|日曜家族#1007 (*´ω`*)

Our family took part in the tour on December 31, 2019.

In the video, we only introduced the tour, but in this article I would like to show you how to book a tour and what the specific tour details are.

How to book a Sky Mirror tour

Sky Mirror only lands a few times a month, so tours are fully booked.There are two main ways to make a reservation.

  • (1) Make a reservation on the Japan website
  • (2) Make a reservation on the local site

I will explain the difference between them.

Make a reservation on the Japan website

The advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

  • ◎The contents of the application are easy to understand in Japanese.
  • ◎A Japanese guide is attached to the site.
  • ◎Pick-up and drop-off from Kuala Lumpur
  • × Cost is expensive

The advantage of applying on a Japanese site is a
sense of security with a Japanese guide to say the least!

Even people unfamiliar with foreign countries and English can easily participate in the tour, and it becomes insurance in the event of trouble.The application itself is completed in Japanese, so it is easy to understand.

Sites that can be applied in Japanese include “HIS” which is familiar with cheap travel and “VELTRA-Beltra”, a website specializing in local optional tour reservations.

HIS “Sky Mirror” Tour

Malaysian Version of Uyuni Salt Lake!?Sky Mirror and Power Spot Tour

Beltra’s “Sky Mirror” Tour

Insta shine spot ☆ fantastic photo spot “Sky Mirror”

Make a reservation on the local site

The advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

  • Application in English is required
  • You need to travel from Kuala Lumpur city to the site on your own.
  • X Tour guides are only available in English and Chinese.
  • ◎Low cost

Minimum English skills are required to make reservations from local sites.

We searched and applied on the following site that came out to the top.
This seems to be the official site, but there seems to be other tour companies, too.

Travel to Sky Mirror Malaysia
Discover the uncharted beach

Price & Service Comparison

If you compare when a family of four (2 adults, 2 children) like our home goes, it is c
onverted to RM1 = 27 yen.

(1) Book on the Japanese site (HIS): 34,020 y
en RM1,260 (RM420 x 2 people + RM210 x 2 people)
※Japanese guide is included

(2) Book on the local site: 13,500 yen
RM500 (RM100 x 2 people + RM90 x 2 people + round trip RM220)

If you think of it as a substitute for Uyuni Salt Lake, both of them are
very cheap、、、but in order to save money, I applied on the local site^^;

What’s on the Sky Mirror tour?

We booked a flight departing at 11:00 a.m.
The schedule of the day that I actually experienced is like this.

09:00 Hotel departure (Grab taxi reservation)
10:00 Tour meeting place arrival
11:00 Departure time (departure is delayed by 30 minutes)
11:30 Departure from the dock (→ 30 minutes move)
12:00 Sky Mirror landing (→ 15 minutes walk)
12:15 Arrival at the shooting location (free for about 15minutes)
12:30 Shooting start [start shooting ] About 15 minutes]
12:45 Shooting end (15 minutes walk)
13:00 Departure (→ 30 minutes move)
13:30 Arrival at the dock (→ taxi transfer)
14:30 arrival at the hotel

It takes about an hour by car from the hotel to the meeting place.In my case, I booked only the car to go by Grab taxi, and negotiated to ask the driver to pick me home in the car on the way.

There is a ticket office, so if you show a reservation e-mail there, you will receive a rubber band instead of a ticket.It waits until the name is called in the bench of the hen as it is.

Rubber band instead of ticket

After departure, it is all right if you walk with the basic guide, but Sky Mirror is surprisingly wide, if you lose sight of the ship and get lost, please note that it is dangerous not to be able to return ^^;

When shooting begins, the instruction of this and that posing flies by the sense of the guide.If you have a pose that you want to take, it might be a good idea to prepare an image photo in advance.

Impressions of participating in the “Sky Mirror” tour

The experience of walking on the sea was very valuable, and the extraordinary feeling was not perfect.
It’s a miraculous place created by nature, so I don’t know how long I’ll be able to go there, and if I have a chance, I’d love to go there again.

If you are going to go, please bring a parasol.
I thought it was on the water and let my guard down, but it’s pretty hot.