Comparison of 4 Gold ETFs [GLD/IAU/GLDM/SGOL]

Comparison of 4 Gold ETFs [GLD/IAU/GLDM/SGOL]Asset

Hello.This is Papazon of the Nomad family.(@nomadkazoku)

I heard a rumor that my gold reserves would run out in another ten years, so I decided to start saving money quickly.

Currently, about 4 cups of 50m pool have been mined, and the rest is assumed to be one cup, but most of them are said to be in difficult places to mine.

If it is certain, it seems to be good to have the actual thing such as pure gold reserve and gold bullion, but it seems to take time and effort, and I wanted to use the United States ETF because the fee is cheap.

There were about 18 gold-related ETFs in the United States, so let’s focus on four ETFs that are popular (total net assets) and compare them.

I would be happy if you read this article and found the best gold ETF for you.

This article is as of June 22, 2020.

Comparison of four popular gold ETFs in the United States

First of all, let’s compare the main specifications of each ETF roughly.

SymbolCloseTotal net
ge volume
ear return
-year return
*Information as of June 22, 2020.

Gold ETF “GLD”

“GLD” is one of the most popular ETFs (approximately 2,300 ETFs) in the U.S., ranked 9th in the total net assets ranking, and has a physical support for gold, with a balance of 1,160 tons at the moment.This is equivalent to about one-third of the world’s gold ETFs.

There is a sense of security, but when I look at trust fees and returns, I feel inferior to other ETFs.

Gold ETF “IAU”

Compared to “GLD”, “IAU” trust fees are kept about 40% cheaper, and the most recent average volume is nearly twice as high as “GLD”.

Although it is close, the return of the last three years is also the highest in four products.


“GLDM” is the younger brother of the same series as “GLD”.

This new small and low-cost new product, which emerged in 2018 in a cost competition with IAU, has overwhelmingly reduced trust fees by 0.18% and 65% off GLD.

The total net assets are less than 4% of GLD, but the average volume is expected to be 1/4.


“SGOL” is the lowest of the four products with an expense ratio of 0.17%.

Originally, it was set at 0.39%, which is 0.01% lower than “GLD”, but the price was lowered in accordance with the appearance of “GLDM”, and the return result is not bad, but so far, it does not seem to have produced the flow only to reverse the position.

How to buy gold ETFs

Three of the four gold ETFs introduced seem to be handled by major securities companies in Japan.

SymbolFirstradeRakuten SecuritiesSBI SecuritiesMonex Secur
DMM shares
Etf handling volume220030829029888
*Information as of June 22, 2020.

Rakuten Securities includes “GLDM” as a target for “Purchase Fee Free Overseas ETF”.
※However, there is a fee for the sale.

In the U.S. Firstrade Securities and DMM shares, both transaction fees are free, but if you live in Japan, we recommend that you purchase with “DMM stock” in consideration of remittance fees and tax return.

I want to buy “SGOL” by all means!
If you say, please try to open an account of Firstrade Securities!
In addition to SGOL, all ETFs in the United States are available for purchase.


I compared the above “four gold ETFs popular in the United States”.

“GLD” has a large unit price per unit, so it seems to be preferred to lower the cost of short-term trading by institutional investors.

If you are an individual investor who is considering long-term reserve holdings, I think that “IAU”, “GLDM”, and “SGOL” are the best at present.

By the way, I started the reserve with “GLDM”!

See you!