TransferWise account opening method|Easy on a smartphone!

TransferWise account opening method|Easy on a smartphone!Asset

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TransferWise, an essential overseas money transfer tool for overseas migration, has ope
ned an additional new account for Mamazon for the future.

The merits of TransferWise are explained in this article.

In this article, we will show you how to open an account for a simple transfer wise.

If you prepare the necessary documents in advance, you will be able to open an account quickly in about 10 minutes!

It’s worth seeing!First of all, please check the low fee of TransferWise in the simulator!

This quote feature is wonderful!

How to open a TransferWise account

TransferWise is a kind design that you can open an account at the same time as the first overseas remittance!

In this article, I will introduce it on the screen of the app version, but the basic flow of the PC version is the same.

At first

Since it is necessary in the middle of opening an account, please prepare the following four points in advance.

What to prepare

① My number card or My number notification card
*Those who know TAX number
② Identification card with face photo (issued in Home Country)
*TAX number card, driver’s license, residence card
③ Smartphone with camera (or digital camera)
Take a selfie and upload it
④ Palm-sized paper (sticky notes, etc.) & pen
*Used when taking a selfie photo

Address & Password Registration

For smartphones

Download the official app From the registration of the initial screen of the app, register the email address, password.

In the case of a personal computer

Register your e-mail and password from “Member Registration” on the official website.

If you are in charge of English notation, let’s change it to Japanese notation first.

TransferWise Remittance Settings

When you register an email and a password, it becomes the setting screen of the sending amount as it is.

Set up currency & amount sent or received

Initial setting

Send amount|200,000 JPY (Japanese Yen)
Receive amount|1842.54 USD (USD)

Notes as of April 2020

As of April 20, 2020, the amount of money sent is limited to 125,000 yen or more due to the fact that the price of the fee was reduced at the end of March 2020, and due to confusion caused by coronavirus, etc., applications for overseas remittances are pouring in.

Please note that if the amount is less than 125,000 yen, it will result in an estimate error.

First, select the currency you want to send money to and set the [Send amount or receive amount].

※ If you set one of the amounts, the other is calculated automatically.

Set up remittance destinations & purposes

Please select “yourself” as the remittance destination and fill in the following four places.

  1. Routine Number
  2. Account number
  3. Account Type
  4. Purpose of remittance

– What is a routing number?
A number that identifies a bank in the United States and a number used to process domestic remittances.The number can be found on the official site, but it may be difficult to find.If you search for “bank name + routine number”, you will almost find it.

– What is swift code?
The number required to make international remittances is different routing numbers.

Check the contents of the remittance

Finally, after you confirm the contents of the remittance, you are finished setting up the remittance.

TransferWise identity verification

As mentioned at the beginning, please prepare the following four points necessary to verify your identity in advance.

What to prepare

① My number card or My number notification card
*Those who know TAX number
② Identification card with face photo (issued in Home Country)
*TAX number card, driver’s license, residence card
③ Smartphone with camera (or digital camera)
Take a selfie and upload it
④ Palm-sized paper (sticky notes, etc.) & pen
*Used when taking a selfie photo

Your identity verification must be completed within 30 minutes by pressing the “Proceed through the procedure” button, which may be redone.Be well prepared!

Select identification documents

In this article, I will proceed by selecting my number card.

After choosing my number card, you will be strictly checked to see if it is really “My Number Card”;Please check and answer “Yes” all.

Photography of identification documents

The next step is to present the authorization code (a four-digit number).
Write your authorization code on a piece of paper and take a picture so that it appears together under the identity verification document.

Photography requires three points: front, back, and diagonal (three-dimensional).

Taking identity verification selfie images

Take a selfie image to confirm that you are the account holder.

Please take a picture with a piece of paper so that you can read the authorization code as well as the identity verification document.

How to deposit TransferWise

It becomes the procedure of the overseas remittance continuously from the identity verification.Using overseas remittances is a two-step process:

  1. Set up remittance currency and amount
  2. They make a deposit

However, since the remittance currency and the amount of money sent have already been set at the beginning, only the deposit method will be explained here.

Make a bank transfer by yourself

There are two types of payment methods, but bank transfer is overwhelmingly advantageous.

  1. Deposit manually from your bank
  2. Debit card

When you select the deposit method “deposit manually” and the account selection “I am the account holder”, the information of the transfer destination is displayed, so please complete the transfer based on the information displayed.

Press the transfer completion button

When the bank transfer is complete, open the app again and press the “Transfer completed” button under the transfer destination information.

Please note that if the transfer is not completed by the deadline, the exchange rate confirmed in advance will not apply.

The setting of the overseas remittance is completed!

If you press the “Bank transfer completed” button, it is the work completion of the remittance setting.From the activity, you can check the remittance status.

Usually, if you send money to an American bank, you will be in about two business days.
※ Please note that it takes time to cross Saturdays and Sundays.

All you have to do is wait!I’d like to say、、、but only the first time, there seems to be work to “complete the identity verification” again.

Last identity verification

Choose your driver’s license safely, take a picture of the front and back and upload it.


Above, I explained “How to open a TransferWise account”.

If you look only at the characters, it is a pretty tricky line, but if you grab the image to some extent in this article because it proceeds crisply when you try, I think that there is no hesitation in the real thing.

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